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1787 to the Present - A Restoration in Progress

1998 Annual Report, Wallblake House, Anguilla

Annual Report

Wallblake Restoration Committee

November 1998

Early this year it was decided it was time to form subcommittees to handle the growing amount of work of the core group. Therefore, we have formed a: A portion of our funds has been spent in the purchase of the timer and the wallaba shingles. The land has been cleared and the termite extermination of the main house and out buildings is completed. Most of the structural work and stabilization on the out buildings is complete and work will begin on the main house soon.

We have adopted a plan by David Rollinson of Heritage Tourism as a guide in the restoration process.

We are now in the process of developing a long-term lease in order to assure the continued use of the house and grounds as a cultural center for Anguilla.

Funds raised so far is US$82,780.01

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