Wallblake House - A Restoration in Process

August 3, 1997 Progress Report

Restoration work has not yet actually commenced on Wallblake House, but this is merely evidence of our taking one cautious step at a time.

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Where are we to date?

  1. Our Trust Deed is being drawn up by Mr. Malcom Hope-Ross, with the appointment of three Trustees: Malcolm Hope-Ross, Sir Emile Gumbs and Marjorie McClean.
  2. Once the Trust is in place and approved by Bishop Reece, we will be in a position to negotiate with our Bankers. Three Commercial Banks have been approached to ascertain level of interest in helping us, and all three banks have assured us of their interest in seeing a project of this nature succeed. All have offered us 'best customer' interest rates. It has been recommended that we arrange for Overdraft facilities, rather than a Loan.
  3. Mr. Anthony Sheehy has volunteered his services as a qualified Civil Engineer and has taken on the responsibility of securing three well-recommended carpenters for the commencement of this restoration work. He intends to start on the three outbuildings for these reasons: We have obtained insurance quotations on: If anyone has a contact willing to quote on the above, it is not too late to submit and a valuation report on the building will be made available. Once these three covers are in place, along with the Trust, we are ready to start. If anyone has access to old photographs of Wallblake House, please consider loaning them to us - they will be returned. Mr. Sheehy has requested this, as old photos can prove to be very useful to restoration work.

    We know everyone is concerned about Wallblake House itself. Attempts to stem further deterioration will be taken. We are in the process of obtaining a sheet of tarpaulin large enough the cover the entire roof of the main house and thereby prevent further rain damage. Spraying for subterranean termites will be done at the outset of restoration work under the supervision of Tony Sheehy. Volunteers for cleaning out the three outbuildings will be appreciated.

    We, as a Parish, are already indebted to Tony Sheehy, who, at his own expense, secured the roof of Wallblake House by the laying of heavy-duty felt/tar paper over the exposed timber, after stripping away the damaged shingled exterior. This he did twice - after Hurricane Luis, and then again after Hurricane Bertha.

  4. The models of Wallblake House, which will serve as collection boxes placed at five suitable locations, will be made during the month of August - after Carnival. David Carty has offered to supervise the construction of these models, and all volunteers from our Youth Group - girls included - are asked to contact Damian Carty.
  5. At the moment our Savings Account at Barclay's Bank PLC has in excess of US $21,000.00, as a result of our weekly '2nd Collections'; sale of T-shirts; sale of Wallblake House Prints and packs of prints depicting Wallblake House - couresy Margie Morani; sale of Raffle Tickets in the U.S.A. for a week's holiday in Anguilla - courtesy Richard McCandless and Jerry Blaho; and donations. Eileen Dobson from Canada has sent us US $2,000 in memory of her late husband, Dr. Dobson, who served here in the late 50's; and Dave and Carol Schnittlich of Mango's Restaurant have given us US $1,000 - our two largest single donations to date.

    Ten of our Wallblake House prints have been framed by the Trust and for the purpose of exposure, these have been placed at the following outlets: SAVANNAH ART GALLERY, COURTNEY DEVONISH' ART GALLERY, MARGIE MORANI'S ART STUDIO, GOVERNOR'S OFFICE, TOURIST BOARD, ALL ISLAND CABLE TV AND FERRYBOAT INN. Still to be placed at are CHIEF MINISTER'S OFFICE, NATIONAL TRUST and CABLE & WIRELESS.

We are looking now for volunteers to begin selling raffle tickets for a week's holiday in Disney World, Florida. Tickets are US $100 - total number of tickets is 350 - for a one week's vacation for a family of four, including round trip air fares, week's care rental, accomondation and 3-day passes to Disney World. In the event that the trip to Disney World cannot be taken for whatever reason, we are offering a Cash Prize of US $5,000 as an alternative.

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