Wallblake House - A Restoration in Process

Donation Information

The Wallblake House Trust has been formed on behalf of the people of Anguilla, to oversee the restoration of this once beautiful mansion. It is our stated intention to “restore the house to a condition as close to the original as possible”.

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Thank you very much for visiting this page. We have a challenging road ahead, and we need all the help we can get. We have estimates that the restoration of the Wallblake House will cost in the vicinity of $250,000.00 US, and we are far from that goal (please refer to monthly progress report for funds collected so far). AND this does not even take into consideration the problem of up-keep, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Our first priority is to make sure that the house does not fall down before we act!

We are offering for your trouble (and cash) the following:-

T-Shirts (Donation $30.00 per shirt) The T-shirt logos were designed by Richard McCandless and given to the restoration free of charge. We are working getting the logos scanned in to make your choice easier.

Limited-Edition Prints Signed and Numbered by artist (Donation $60.00 per print). The image you see on our home page is the painting done by Marj Morani. She has donated the original at no cost to the committee. We are offering the prints, though it is our hope to hang the original in a restored Wallblake House.

Cards of the Limited-Edition Print (Donation $ 20.00 per pack of 12)

Donor Hall of Fame ($1000.00) We will be posting a donor hall of fame, not only here at our website, but also we propose to create a plaque in the entrance hall of our restored house commemorating all our donors. We would, of course, ask permission before we published anyone’s name.

Donation of $10,000 or more. Thus far no-one has offered this amount of money, though we live in hope! We would like to think that if we were to be offered such a significant sum of money, we would at the very least offer a weekend in the restored house. And depending upon how many sizeable donations we receive, we would be prepared to dedicate one of the rooms or buildings to the donor.


We are currently running two raffles:-
  1. For off-island people, we are offering a week's holiday in Anguilla for four people. Airfare included. Each ticket is US$100 and the drawing will be held on November 25th, 1997.
  2. For Anguillian and West Indian residents, we are offering a week's holiday at Disney World for four people. Airfare included. An alternate prize of US$5,000 will be offered if the winner is not able to make the trip. Each ticket is US$100 and the drawing will take place on November 25th, 1997 -- the same day.

Order T-Shirts, Prints, Cards

Please fll out the form below, and send it, along with your donation (either check or money order made out to “The Wallblake House Trust”) to the address below:

The Wallblake House Trust
PO Box 1127
The Valley,
Anguilla, British West Indies

Name: ____________________
Address: ____________________

[t shirt]
This tasteful T-shirt has a black Wallblake logo on a T-shirt available in 6 colours and 4 sizes, S. M, L, XL
Blue t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
Yellow t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
Pink t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
White t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
Green t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
Grey t-shirtSize ____Quantity ____Price each: $30Total price: $_________
[t shirt with color logo]
This design sports a color logo on either a grey or white shirt.
Grey t-shirt Size ____ Quanyity ____ Price each: $30 Total price: $_________
White t-shirt Size ____ Quantity ____ Price each: $30 Total price: $_________
[Cards/Print Design]
Limited-edition Prints Quantity ____ Price each: $60 Total price: $_________
12-packs of cards Quantity: ___ Price each: $20Total price: $_________
      Total Donation: $____________

If You Would Prefer to Wire Your Donation

Since cheques take up to a month to clear in Anguilla, perhaps if you have a large donation to make you would prefer to wire it. Here are the wire instructions:

US$ Funds - International Transfer
Barclays Bank PLC
75 Wall Street
New York, New York
ABA # 026002574

For further credit to:
Barclays Bank PLC Anguilla (**very important to reference Anguilla)
P.O. Box 140
The Valley,
British West Indies

For Further Credit to: The Wallblake House Trust Account # 513 1177

[Wallblake House] The Wallblake House Trust
PO Box 1127
The Valley,
British West Indies
Donations: donate@wallblake.ai
Fiona Curtis: dcurtis@anguillanet.com
Marj Morani: moranim@anguillanet.com
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